Stel je voor dat je een blauwdruk van JOUZELF hebt!


Een gids voor je zielsdoel en voor je levensdoel.

Een map die je persoonlijkheid in kaart brengt en laat zien hoe je met de minste weerstand naar de hoogste expressie van jezelf kunt leven.


Human Design is gebaseerd op een aantal verschillende systemen: astrologie, kwantumfysica, het chakra-systeem, het Chinese I'Ching en de Kabbalah, maar als systeem staat het op zichzelf en is het uniek, in de zin dat het een hele betrouwbare manier is om beslissingen te kunnen nemen in je leven.


Het QHD-systeem bestaat uit 5 typen en elk mens op deze planeet is een van deze typen.


De Initiator (De Manifestor)

De Alchemist (De Generator)

De Time-Bender (De Manifesting Generator)

De Orchestrator (De Projector)

De Calibrator (De Reflector)

(voor je eigen gratis chart klik hier!)


Elk type heeft zijn eigen strategie om naar te leven.


Door je Human Design map te gebruiken als basis voor Coaching, kunnen we het transformatieproces versnellen door je strategie en autoriteit als betrouwbare gids te laten sturen!


Als je een losse lezing wilt boeken, ga dan naar de services pagina of klik hier








"I recently had a Quantum Human Design reading with Debby and she is truly a master at her craft! I've been interested in Human Design for a while, but had trouble understanding it.

Debby explained things in such a way that finally made the pieces come together for me. Since our reading, I have felt rejuvenated and clear about my next steps in a way that has eluded me for a while. I have had a sense about certain aspects of myself my whole life that seemed to only bring about struggle.


After our reading I just "get" why I am the way I am and how to move forward in a way that better serves myself and others. To have so much insight after a 90-minute session is pretty remarkable. If you're considering booking a reading... do it!"



“I am still amazed! I have only just recently learned about Human Design considering the impact it’s had on my life in a very short amount of time. 


The universe sent me Debby at turbulent time in my life and I will be forever grateful that it did. 


The Human Design reading I had with Debby blew me away,. It confirmed so much I knew about myself, my patterns and behaviours but could never articulate or even accept at times.


 Learning my design has helped me navigate my current situation more authentically and confidently than I could’ve done without it. I feel like a door has been opened and I’ve been given permission to be my true self. 

It is empowering and life changing all in a very short amount of time, I wish I had known about it sooner! I feel much more confident about navigating the road ahead and excited to see what unfolds!



“I recently scheduled a Foundational Human Design Reading.  All I can say is WOW, Debby really blew me away.  During our session, she explained my chart and there were so many lightbulbs that went off.  The 90 minutes with Debby flew by. 


  After our session, it took me a couple of days to process and I have since re-watched the reading (she provides this to you). I am so thankful and I'm trying to apply her recommendations to my life. 


There is so much more that I want to understand and will definitely schedule another reading.  Debby is meant to do this and she is truly going forward in alignment with her own design.  Thank you Debby from the bottom of my heart.”